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Hua Zong Recycle Equipment Sdn Bhd is a high technology and professional company constantly engaging in various type of plastic machinery products development, production, sales for the integration and maintenance.

The company is strategically located in one of the busiest cities in Malaysia- Pandamaran, Klang with a group of high experienced technicians and precise processing equipment. 

Hua Zong Recycle Equipment Sdn Bhd

Hua Zong Recycle Equipment Sdn Bhd
In cooperation with Hua Zong Machinery Co. Ltd, one of the well-developed machinery company in Quanzhou, Jingjiang city, we aim to develop a higher innovation level product, and enhance the market competitiveness of the products. Our company main products are plastic exhaust extrusion granulation unit, stage type of plastic exhaust extrusion granulation unit, plastic film and woven bags broken and cleaning production line, plastic film soil throwing machine, plastic film shredders, plastic head shredders, plastic washing dehydration machine and more than 10 other types of plastic recycle equipment.

Hua Zong Recycle Equipment Sdn Bhd will continuing focus on customer satisfaction and experience by providing the best quality products, best after-sale service, and the best reasonable prices to our beloved customer.
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